Socioeconomic Factors

I had to share this because it is something I have discussed with various different people. Should socioeconomic factors be considered as an additional need, or something that should qualify children for extra intervention?

I believe so!

The article states, “The researchers emphasize that these findings suggest that interventional policies aimed at children living in poverty are likely to have the most positive impact on individual brain development and society.”

I do not believe that children from poorer backgrounds are in any way inferior or less able to achieve, but I do know from experience that some (and I am very careful not to suggest all) children do not have access to basic needs such as nutritious meals and heating, and I refuse to believe that it does not have an impact on wellbeing and the ability to focus on learning.

I remember teaching a little girl who didn’t want to go home because her family had no heating, having to choose between food and warmth. I also remember having to bring extra food in daily for a little girl who never had breakfast or clean clothes. These children were very bright but often unengaged, and who can blame them?

Some parents worked so many hours to provide for their children that they spent barely any time with them, and I also believe this has an impact.

Although this is an American article from 2015, I found this study interesting.

Some people deny that austerity has caused poverty, or at least exacerbated it, but this is the reality for many families, and in the long run, it does our society no favours! We are letting people down!

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