Thank you Claire for joining us and for your question about isolation booths.…/www.…/news/amp/education-47963554

This is something we need to discuss.

A local school has adopted zero tolerance for the children they teach. I have been told by parents and teachers that they are put in isolation over low level behaviours such as chatting. They are not allowed to talk in between lessons, whilst walking through the corridor, which I think is a shame. I used to love speaking with my friends in between classes to reflect on the lesson and see how they got on with a particular task etc.

I understand that this school experienced a lot of behaviour issues in the past and it is performing well now, but does it have to be this way?

I am very torn.

In particular, how does this affect SEN children? When I was working as teacher, isolation booths were something I only experienced later in my career. The objective was to help children concentrate but I didn’t really find that this worked all that well. It literally just isolated the children…who were usually SEN.

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