I found an example SEN profile online and wanted to share it. Sadly I am having difficulty attaching it to this post, so I will have to add at a later date.

I did something similar for my son (although I shamefully rushed mine using felt tip pens). I’m sure I missed lots! In fact, I know I did. My mother in law said that his difficulties during transitions were not included but luckily I mentioned this, and so much more, during our visit. I also forgot to mention that I use 3, 2, 1 and time out/thinking chair, but this was also mentioned in person. I mentioned a lot in person like how he will strip off if he gets wet…despite loving water. How he always has fingers and toys in his mouth, and that we have tried so many chewy toys and none of them seem to appeal to him. He likes a Lego one for a particular sensation between his lip and top teeth/gums, but the majority of the time he just swings the chewy by its chord so it has to be confiscated. He also hates having it around his neck…and I’ve caught him trying to pull it tight around his neck… He licks windows and blows raspberries at them; he also does this to phones. He has compulsions to touch people and grab their faces. It’s usually through excitement so he has no control and doesn’t pick up on the fact that most people don’t like it.

When he was at the settling in session at school, they got to see some of this behaviour immediately. When asked to do things, he just wandered around aimlessly. He struggled with transitions and didn’t put his hands on his head or line up like the other children. He cried his heart out and shouted/screamed when he realised he had to take off his builder outfit at the end of play time, and hit me out of frustration.

It’s just too tricky to put everything about these wonderful, challenging, unique children on one page. And too late for me to tell you any more.

As a reminder to myself, I want to discuss the oral needs he has and the dangerous things he has done. I also want to talk about behaviour management strategies for children, SEN or not. This may include at home, in the classroom and out in the world.

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