School Place

So my child has been offered a school place. 🤗

We had a meeting with the SENCo and pastoral care worker, who were amazing, and I left feeling much more confident about him attending school.

They really knew their stuff but even more importantly, they were so lovely. I know he will be safe and secure with them.

It’s going to be so hard as he’s my little friend but I know he is going to love it. If not to start with, most certainly long term.

I imagine there will be ups and downs, and some heartache…

One thing the SENCo told me was that they will not call me to come in unless a situation is really unmanageable. I was told by another school I would most certainly need to be available, and as a teacher I know that this is sometimes the case. However, I was told what strategies they were likely to use and they wisely said that he needs to learn to trust them. Calling me in every five minutes is not going to enable them to get to know him and his needs.

I’m a little surprised, but also feel so happy that he is going to this particular school. Their curriculum seems incredibly engaging and the staff are great.

We are going in tomorrow morning to get familiar and will go from there.

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