Self Care

As a parent, it is so hard to take time out for yourself. When the children have extra needs, it can be almost impossible as it’s not easy to leave them with other people.

I am starting to feel that perhaps it is time, now the routines we’ve put in place seem to be having some effect (oh so suddenly 😮), that we attempt some time out as a couple.

My mother in law actually said now my eldest will be attending school, she would happily look after my youngest so I can have a bit of a break and maybe do things like get my hair done (I manage one to two times a year if I’m lucky! 😂) How kind is that?

This whole idea seems a bit alien to me. I have always been attached to my children. Mainly out of choice…but sometimes as I said because I haven’t really felt I can leave their side.

So self care. Time out! What do you do? If anything?

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