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I am so happy with the school my son is at. It’s only early days, I know, but so far they really seem to get him.

He looks forward to going in and although he is obviously having a few challenges, they have already set up a safe space for him to go to etc.

I was about to explain something to his teacher this morning and before I’d completed my sentence, she finished it with the same thoughts!

You can see they really do treat the children as individuals and try to get to know them as people.

In other news, my youngest is not coping well with his big brother going to big school. Today is the first day he didn’t get upset when we left him.

We attended a toddler group, but when we reached the end of the session (tidying up/transitions), he struggled to cope and had a huge tantrum. I took him outside and brought him back once he had calmed. We did this once more but the third time the tantrum escalated so I had to put him in his stroller.

I could not physically strap him in so thankfully a lovely mum from the group helped me. She was so calm and reassuring. I haven’t come across many people who offer help so I was a little overwhelmed. What a lovely person!

We had to walk past a coffee area full of older people. Most people smiled and gave understanding faces but some of the older people pulled a very different face, clearly thinking my child is a brat and I am a terrible mother.

I am learning to filter this out and focus on the positive as most people were friendly.

Today was most definitely a tantrum. He was hungry, tired and unhappy with the transition. Last week he coped just fine…but today was clearly a different day.

I gave him his comforter once we got outside and he calmed down immediately. He then spoke to me about what he had done when we got home and has been as good as gold.

I was reluctant to take him to the group today as his behaviour has been tricky this week. However, I thought I needed to give it a try! I’m sure some of the other parents would have preferred it if I had stayed at home!

We can always try again next week…

If they all run out of the door when we arrive, I will quite understand!


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