Food & Choking

We’ve discussed fussy (or limited) eating. We’ve discussed safety. Now for something that combines both.

Choking hazards.

The NHS specifies which foods should be avoided for young children here:…/foods-to-avoid-giving-babies-and-youn…/

I found this about choking risks:…/education-store/choki…

And my personal favourite, Dr Sears:…/feeding-infants…/chokable-foods

It’s is advised that children under four or five avoid lots of foods that I have seen very small children eating, such as raw, whole apples. Lots of people have, again, called me fussy for not letting my children eat certain foods but my motto is I would always rather be safe than sorry.

Some things I have allowed but I am conscious of how the item is presented. Apples need to be peeled and sliced thinly. Grapes need to be cut long ways etc. Apparently raisins are a no no and blueberries should be sliced. I have failed on both counts there.

I am also really strict about sitting whilst eating. At the moment, the children struggle to stay at the table when they have finished. They used to do this when they were smaller, but now they get distracted too easily and just want to play once they are finished. In the spirit of picking your battles, I no longer try to force them to stay at the table. They are two and four at the end of the day, and it is pretty boring. I’m not saying they will get away with this as they get older.

I am really obsessive about biting and chewing as well.

My eldest suffered from horrendous reflux as a small baby and toddler, and he choked on everything…even water until he’d passed his first year.

My youngest seems to cram food into his mouth and I have had to physically put my finger into his throat to remove compacted food.

Eating and chewing properly, and slicing food to prevent choking, are important in my mind.

Lots of people have, again, scoffed when I’ve cut the spiky ends off of chips and said that their children have coped just fine eating food without fussing like I do. I’m sure they have but I don’t want to take the risk.

I think it’s sad that in our society we are so judgmental. Sadly, when you become a parent, opinions come from everywhere. I was told early on not to listen and to do what I felt was right. I can’t say I haven’t listened as it’s impossible not to, but I can say that despite comments I’ve received, I’ve never changed the things I do to keep others happy. I know my children best and always do what I feel is best for them at the time. I think every parent does.

This leads me on to other issues such as dummies, bottles and co-sleeping…but I think we’ll explore this in another post.

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