A Beautiful Poem I Have Permission to Share

Thank you so much Candice for letting me share this. It’s just perfect. 👌❤️

I am a great mother

Whether or not you choose to agree

I am a great mother

Even as an Autistic level three

Before diagnosis

I felt unable to keep up

But once my eldest was diagnosed

My whole world suddenly opened up

Suddenly everything made sense

My life struggles became clear

No longer was I just a bit odd, strange or different

I even shed a tear

I was diagnosed Autistic at thirty years old

My story is more common

Then you might ever think or be told

Still I am still able to parent daily just like you

I luckily have an insight many others wish they had too

An understanding into perception, that if you only knew

You would give me more time of day than you currently do

My little family of me and my two boys

We do things a little differently

We don’t play with normal toys

Our routine is to the minute and we like to plan ahead

Knowing what will happen next

Ensures our day goes smoothly and we calmly get to bed

Dinner, followed by a bath

We jump into our jammies

Then it’s time to read a book and laugh

A kiss goodnight

Calmly hop into our beds

Don’t forget the night light

Then its time to rest their sweet heads

Overnight they will sleep from dusk until dawn

Not a peep will be heard

Until the sun rises in the morn

Then our day starts with a hug and a smile

Off to have breakfast

The same jam each day, juice once in a while

We have our morning routine

Things are predictable and the same

It may seem boring to you

But for us it keeps us sane

I know my children’s needs

I will always do what’s best

So stop thinking I’m less

I’m always up to the test

I am a mother

A good mother at that

I am Autistic, Autistic level three

I’m going to leave it at that

– Candice Zorba

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